Ultherapy is a nonsurgical procedure that uses medical ultrasound for tightening of the face and neck.

Ultherapy works deep below the surface of the skin without damaging the skin itself.

Improvements include a sleeker, more defined jawline and tighter skin on the neck.

Sagging skin on the cheeks can be tightened and lifted, which in turn improves the folds that run from the nose to the mouth, the lines from the mouth to the jaw and drooping corners of the mouth. Tightening of skin on the forehead can reduce the sagging skin on the upper eyelids and promote a more open, refreshed look.

Treating the crows’ feet and the under eye areas reduces the “bag” under the eyes and results in a more youthful, rested appearance.

How does Ultherapy work?
The Ultherapy applicator delivers ultrasound energy into the deep layer of the skin and the muscle under the skin. This energy heats the skin and muscles, which causes the muscle to tighten and the skin to produce increased collagen and elastin. All of this results in a tighter, more firm face and neck without the cutting, expense or downtime of plastic surgery.

Who can have the treatment?
Ultherapy is an excellent treatment option for anyone who desires a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance without undergoing plastic surgery. A good candidate is someone with skin that has “relaxed” to the point of sagging. Anyone who has a lowered brow line or loose skin on the eyelids, neck and lower jaw will benefit from Ultherapy. We do not treat over areas with open sores or with significant active acne. We will evaluate if you are an appropriate candidate at the time of your consultation.

How many treatments will I need?
Most people only need one treatment in order to see significant skin tightening. A small percentage of people will benefit most from two treatments. In those cases, the second treatment is scheduled 6 months after the first. During your consultation, the Genesis staff will discuss with you how many treatments you will need.

How does the treatment feel?
Comfort levels vary from person to person. Most patients are comfortable if they take 800 mg of Ibuprofen about an hour before the Ultherapy procedure. Other pain management options will be discussed with you at your consultation. Patients describe the sensation as a momentary prickling or feeling of warmth beneath the skin.

What areas can be treated?
Ultherapy is FDA approved to treat the entire face and neck. However, just specific areas can be treated. For example, many clients treat the lower face and neck, or just the forehead and around the eyes. During your consultation, the Genesis staff will tailor a treatment plan that addresses your particular concerns.

When will I see results?
The regenerative process in initiated immediately, but the full effect of the muscle and skin tightening won’t be seen for 4-6 months. This is because it takes our bodies about 6 months to grow new collagen. This results in a much more natural-looking tightening than is achieved with plastic surgery because it develops slowly over a 4-6 month period.

What will I look like after the Ultherapy treatment?
You will likely be red for a few hours after your treatment and may be swollen and slightly tender in the treated area for up to 48 hours. You may immediately return to normal activities. You can use your normal skin care products immediately as soon as the treatment is over.

How long do the results last?
As with any skin-tightening procedure, including plastic surgery, the aging process continues after the procedure is complete. Many patients schedule an annual touch-up in order to maintain their results.

Is Ultherapy safe?
Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy, which has been used in medical imaging and therapeutics for over 50 years. Many clinical studies have confirmed the safety of ultrasound technology. In addition, Ultherapy has been FDA tested and approved for tightening of the face and neck. As with any medical procedure, there are some potential complications and these will be reviewed with you at the time of your consultation.