Laser Skin Care Treatments – Syneron LimeLight

Syneron’s LimeLight laser improves hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure. In addition, this no-downtime treatment improves underlying red discoloration caused by rosacea and other skin imperfections caused by aging. To learn more, schedule your complimentary consultation or visit

How Does the LimeLight Work?

Syneron has developed the LimeLight with three different programs, allowing the technician to customize the treatment to your skin type and most effectively treat your combination of browns and/or reds. It is the selective heating of the cells that contain the brown or red pigment that leads to the therapeutic effect and the improvement in overall skin color and tone.

Does the LimeLight Treatment Hurt?

Patients experience a sensation much like a hot rubber band striking their skin when the pulse of light is delivered. Gel is usually used during the treatment to cool the skin and make the treatment more comfortable. Topical anesthesia or pain medication can be used, if desired. These options will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What Body Parts Can Be Treated?

The most commonly areas that we treat are the face, upper chest, arms and hands. Many people choose to treat their upper backs and legs. However, any area that has brown spots, telangiactasias (tiny veins) or diffuse redness (such as that seen with rosacea) will respond well to LimeLight treatments.

What Is The Recovery Time After The LimeLight Treatment?

Immediately following each treatment, your skin may appear red for about 24 hours. A minority of clients have mild swelling of the treated area for about 24-48 hours. Within 2-4 days, brown spots will typically begin to darken and then may slough or peel off. Sunscreen may be worn immediately after the treatments, so no activities need to be curtailed.

Are the Results Permanent?

The sunspots and small telangiactasias that disappear with each LimeLight treatment are permanently gone. However, with continued sun exposure, new ones will appear. It is important to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily after receiving LimeLight treatments in order to protect your investment. Rosacea is a chronic condition that cannot be “cured” but that can be controlled.