Laser Skin Care Treatments – Syneron Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a superb, unique treatment designed to stimulate collagen, reduce underlying red tones in the skin and decrease pore size. This is a perfect procedure to help achieve and maintain healthy looking and feeling skin. In addition, it is an excellent treatment modality for scars, rosacea and acne. You can learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation at Genesis or by visiting

How does Laser Gensis Work?

During the Genesis laser treatment, the medical aesthetician slowly waves the laser head about a half an inch over your skin, gently heating the skin’s surface. This heat penetrates to the lower layer (dermal layer) of your skin. Heating the dermal layer results in the production of new collagen, which reduces pore size, minimizes fine lines and helps your skin to look and feel smoother. Heat also kills bacteria, which can be a causative agent in acne. Lastly, the heat is absorbed by the dilated capillaries that are prevalent in conditions such as rosacea and this heat damages those capillaries enough that they often will disappear.

Is the Laser Genesis painful?

The procedure feels like a gentle warmth on your skin. Many patients describe it as “relaxing”. Your skin may look slightly red for 20-30 minutes after your treatment, but usually it does not look any different immediately after the treatment. You will be asked to wear sunscreen after your treatment, but otherwise can return to all normal activities.

What body areas can be treated with the Laser Genesis?

The most common areas that are treated are the face, neck and upper chest. However, scars can be treated regardless of where on the body they are located.

How many treatments will I need?

This partially depends upon what condition you are having treated. The results of one Genesis treatment can be subtle, although the results of combining several treatments can be quite dramatic. In general, 6-8 treatments are usually recommended for the treatment of rosacea. Three to four treatments can be very helpful as part of an anti-aging maintenance regiment. The treatment of scars is variable. The Genesis staff can give you an idea of how many treatments will benefit your skin during your initial consultation.