Unsightly facial and leg veins are now a thing of the past, thanks to Syneron’s vein therapy, the CoolGlide Laser. No more painful injections to endure! With the most advanced technology, the Syneron CoolGlide can safely and effectively treat both tiny superficial face and leg veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

How does the CoolGlide Laser work?

The Syneron CoolGlide delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel, which is then reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow is then redirected to vessels deeper below your skin’s surface, where it should be.

What types of vessels can be treated with the CoolGlide?

The CoolGlide laser can be safely used on all parts of the body. Small, facial veins (known as telangiectasias) can be safely and effectively treated, usually with one session. Spider veins and larger blue leg veins can also be treated with excellent results. These vessels may sometimes need 2-3 treatment sessions for best results. Knotty variscose veins are not treated well with the CoolGlide. A careful evaluation with the Genesis MedSpa staff during your consultation will help you to determine which vessels can be treated and the best course of treatment for your veins.

Do the treatments hurt?

Most patients describe the laser pulses as a “hot rubberband” snapping against their skin. If the treatment is being done in a sensitive area, such as the face, a topical anesthetic can be applied ahead of time. However, most people do not need anesthetic on areas such as the legs. Following the treatment, pain is minimal to nonexistent.

What happens after the treatment?

There is frequently redness and/or bruising of the treated vessels. The bruising can take about a week to disappear. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment and support hose are not needed. The use of sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas that are exposed to the sun.

When will the results be visible?

Many patients find that the majority of treated vessels show significant improvement within two to six weeks after being treated with the CoolGlide laser. Additional treatments are scheduled about eight weeks apart, because fading can continue for up to eight weeks. Over time, it is possible for new veins to appear, but these can also be successfully treated with the Syneron CoolGlide.