Are you embarrassed or depressed over hair loss?  You are not alone.  Estimates are that, by age 35, 40% of men have visible hair loss and, by age 80, 70% do! Genesis MedSpa is proud to announce that we have developed an exciting protocol for hair restoration.  While none of these treatments have yet been FDA approved for hair restoration, they have each been shown in studies1 to enhance hair re-growth.2

Men’s PRFM injections and Red Light for Hair Loss

The two treatments in the new protocol are PRFM injections and Red Light sessions. PRFM stimulates follicular action, which leads to hair re-growth. A series of 3 treatment sessions, once monthly, is done.  This has been shown to increase hair density by 25% or more at 6 months.1

The Genesis protocol includes six Red Light treatments.  They are scheduled approximately every two weeks.  The Red Light feels just like a gentle warmth on the skin and people do not experience any pain, redness or swelling afterwards. Red light (or low light) therapy has been known to help with hair growth since it was accidentally discovered by a Hungarian scientist who noticed that exposed, shaved mice experience faster hair re-growth when they undergo red light treatments.  When the hair follicle absorbs red light, the follicle is stimulated and genes which cause cellular death within the follicle are suppressed, leading to an increase in hair density.2

The oral supplement in the Genesis Hair Restoration package is Viviscal Pro, which is a medical grade product and, therefore, has a higher percentage of active ingredients that over-the-counter Viviscal does.  Viviscal Pro’s active ingredients include a marine complex, which has been shown to promote hair growth.  In addition, it contains apple extract powder, which increases hair density and diameter, biotin, which is a vital ingredient for healthy hair growth, Vitamin C, L-Cystine and L-Methionine, all of which are essential in the formation of hair and skin.  In a clinical trial, Viviscal Pro users saw an 80% increase in the number of terminal hairs after six months.3

A 90 day supply of this supplement is included in the Hair Restoration package.  It is recommended that Viviscal Pro be taken twice daily for 6 months and then continued once daily.

If you are one of the many  men who suffer from hair thinning or loss, our package is designed to help you.  The Hair Restoration Package consists of 3 PRFM injections, 6 Red Light treatments, a 90 day supply of Viviscal Pro and a 90 day supply of our minoxidil formulation.

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